FWM005 | Two Out

By |May 19th, 2015|

It was a pretty relaxed and spontaneous session with us recording 16 songs n less than four hours, 11 of those tracks making the final cut – not an easy decision when there are so many choices. Most were first takes, as Roger and I wanted to capture some of that elusive magic that can happen when you ‘look the other way’.

FWM004 | Suite SIMA

By |December 9th, 2014|

It is doubtful whether the Sydney Improvised Music Association could receive a dedication of higher quality — in composition or performance — than this suite of six originals by maestro Mike Nock, add seven more of Sydney’s top jazz performers and the suite becomes sweet indeed. John McBeath

Suite SIMA

By |October 2nd, 2014|

Mike Nock and Laurenz Pike – ‘Kindred’

By |September 19th, 2012|

FWM003 | Kindred

By |August 9th, 2012|

Two generations of Australian music come together in the music of Mike Nock and Laurence Pike as heard on Kindred the latest release from FWM records. Ethereal, inventive, humorous, and atmospheric: these are postcards from a shared journey between two distinct voices in Australian music.

FWM002 | Hear and Know

By |January 31st, 2012|

Released in January 2012, Hear and Know is the latest recording from Mike Nock’s Trio Plus. The CD recently won Best Jazz Album at the 2012 Australian Independent Recording awards (AIR)
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FWM001 | An Accumulation of Subleties

By |June 9th, 2010|

The trio’s first release An Accumulation of Subtleties, a two CD set showing different facets of the trio’s music was released in 2010 on FWM records. Awarded Best Australian Contemporary Jazz Album at the 2011 Bell Awards the CD has attracted many strongly positive reviews from Australia, Japan, USA and New Zealand.